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The FIA‘s commitment to “Sustainable Mobility in Motorsport” is vividly showcased in its insightful white paper, “Accelerating a Just Transition – The Motor Sport and Mobility Perspective”. This seminal document marks a significant stride in integrating sustainability into motorsport and personal mobility, reflecting the FIA’s dedication to a greener future.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Innovation in Motorsport

The FIA’s white paper, “Accelerating a Just Transition – The Motor Sport and Mobility Perspective”, aligns with the overarching mission of FIA University to advance knowledge in motorsport. While the specific educational programmes at FIA University, such as the Certificate in Motorsport Leadership and Management, focus on various aspects of motorsport and sport governance, the themes of sustainability and innovation in the white paper reflect the institution’s commitment to fostering a broader understanding and leadership in the field of motorsport. This commitment is pivotal in guiding the future of sustainable practices in motorsport and mobility sectors.

Consumer Participation in Sustainable Practices

The document underscores the critical role of consumers in achieving sustainable mobility. It aligns with our efforts through global coalitions at FIA University, aimed at fostering responsible and ethical practices in sports and mobility. Additionally, nurturing global talent is a priority, evident through scholarships like the FIA Engineering Scholarship.

Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

The pursuit of sustainable mobility in motorsport extends beyond the FIA. It involves collaborative efforts with renowned institutions like Columbia University and ESADE Business School. These partnerships enrich our understanding and execution of sustainable practices in the field.


The FIA’s white paper is a comprehensive guide and a visionary roadmap for sustainable mobility in motorsport. It aligns with FIA University’s mission to promote a more sustainable and responsible future in the automotive and sports sectors. We invite you to read the full white paper here and join us at FIA University in this sustainable journey.

Discover our range of courses and initiatives aimed at fostering leadership and innovation in sustainable mobility at FIA University. Join us in shaping a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious world of motorsport and mobility.