This report reviews 68 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on online hate speech in sports, published between January 1, 2000, and October 18, 2023. Key findings include:

  • Rapid increase in research on the topic in the last two years.
  • Focus primarily on regions such as the USA (24%), UK (22%), and Australia (6%).
  • Main sports studied include soccer, American football, basketball, and Australian rules football.
  • Primary platforms studied: Twitter (41%), Facebook (19%), and Instagram (12%).
  • Most researched types of hate: racism (37%), misogyny (24%), and homophobia (15%).
  • Athletes are the main targets of online hate, with fans being the primary perpetrators.
  • Predominant use of secondary data and qualitative methods in research.

This report not only highlights the major areas of concern but also identifies gaps in current research and offers recommendations for future studies. Download the full document to explore our findings and insights in detail.

To combat online hate speech, research is crucial to measure its prevalence and understand its causes and effects. International Sports Federations (ISFs) play a key role in athlete development and protection, including anti-doping and safeguarding athletes from abuse. There are over 300 ISFs globally, representing various sports.

This report examines the extent to which ISFs conduct and report primary research on hate speech in their sports. After searching 206 ISF websites and emailing 196 ISFs, we found only six English-language research reports published by ISFs. An additional six related research reports were identified. This Briefing Note provides an overview of these 12 reports.

Explore our findings and insights by downloading the full document.

The Fans’ Vision for the Future of Rallying

The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) community has spoken. With over 11,000 responses, our latest survey reveals the undiminished passion for rally sport, emphasizing the appeal of its diverse conditions and authentic experiences. Fans are calling for the preservation of this variety, with a keen interest in endurance rallies and sustainable practices, while reflecting on the golden era of WRC as a blueprint for future excitement.

This report, guided by Professor David Hassan and enriched by insights from dedicated focus groups, not only charts the current state of fan engagement but also outlines a path forward for the WRC. Embracing nostalgia and innovation alike, it aims to ensure the Championship’s vibrant future and continued resonance with fans around the globe.

Join us as we delve into the heart of rally sport, guided by the voices of its most ardent supporters.

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The 2024 Barometer Report, a landmark initiative by FIA University and funded by the FIA Foundation under the United Against Online Abuse campaign, unveils the pressing issue of online abuse in sports. Drawing from international federations’ insights, it highlights the critical need for united efforts to combat this digital menace, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between sporting bodies and online platforms. This report is a vital step towards a safer sporting environment online.

For more details, please read the article on FIA’s website here.

The FIA University is a central part of our ambition to make the FIA a knowledge-led federation. It’s inaugural graduation ceremony in Baku this month demonstrated its success with 57 graduates being recognised for their achievements. Many congratulations, too, to their clubs who should also be particularly proud of their achievements. 

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Consumer Participation in Sustainable Practices

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