The Fans’ Vision for the Future of Rallying

The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) community has spoken. With over 11,000 responses, our latest survey reveals the undiminished passion for rally sport, emphasizing the appeal of its diverse conditions and authentic experiences. Fans are calling for the preservation of this variety, with a keen interest in endurance rallies and sustainable practices, while reflecting on the golden era of WRC as a blueprint for future excitement.

This report, guided by Professor David Hassan and enriched by insights from dedicated focus groups, not only charts the current state of fan engagement but also outlines a path forward for the WRC. Embracing nostalgia and innovation alike, it aims to ensure the Championship’s vibrant future and continued resonance with fans around the globe.

Join us as we delve into the heart of rally sport, guided by the voices of its most ardent supporters.

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The 2024 Barometer Report, a landmark initiative by FIA University and funded by the FIA Foundation under the United Against Online Abuse campaign, unveils the pressing issue of online abuse in sports. Drawing from international federations’ insights, it highlights the critical need for united efforts to combat this digital menace, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between sporting bodies and online platforms. This report is a vital step towards a safer sporting environment online.

For more details, please read the article on FIA’s website here.

The FIA University is a central part of our ambition to make the FIA a knowledge-led federation. It’s inaugural graduation ceremony in Baku this month demonstrated its success with 57 graduates being recognised for their achievements. Many congratulations, too, to their clubs who should also be particularly proud of their achievements. 

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The FIA‘s commitment to “Sustainable Mobility in Motorsport” is vividly showcased in its insightful white paper, “Accelerating a Just Transition – The Motor Sport and Mobility Perspective”. This seminal document marks a significant stride in integrating sustainability into motorsport and personal mobility, reflecting the FIA’s dedication to a greener future.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Innovation in Motorsport

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Consumer Participation in Sustainable Practices

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Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

The pursuit of sustainable mobility in motorsport extends beyond the FIA. It involves collaborative efforts with renowned institutions like Columbia University and ESADE Business School. These partnerships enrich our understanding and execution of sustainable practices in the field.


The FIA’s white paper is a comprehensive guide and a visionary roadmap for sustainable mobility in motorsport. It aligns with FIA University’s mission to promote a more sustainable and responsible future in the automotive and sports sectors. We invite you to read the full white paper here and join us at FIA University in this sustainable journey.

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FIA University is seeking a Project Leader to combat online abuse in sport, driving positive change and creating a safer online environment.

Check out the attached PDF for more information on this exciting consulting opportunity.

For updates and details, visit the FIA LinkedIn post and FIA University LinkedIn page.

Motorsport’s governing body will attempt to drive out online hate speech and abuse by collaborating with other affected groups.

The FIA said it has support from the European Commission, motorcyling’s governing body, and Professional Game Match Officials Limited — the body responsible for match officials in English professional soccer — to tackle the problems.

The FIA revealed its strategic approach in a white paper on Thursday that “sets out the sustained and collaborative approach the FIA will adopt in confronting online toxicity,” it said in a statement.

The document called “A Strategic Response To Online Hate Speech In Sport” has drawn on expertise from industry experts and government institutions. It was presented to the FIA’s 241 member clubs and also shared at a World Motor Sport Council in Bahrain on Thursday ahead of the season-opening Formula One race on Sunday.

Read the full story in the Washington Post article.

The White Paper, produced as part of a research programme under the auspices of the FIA University, has been presented to the FIA’s 241 Member Clubs. It was also shared at the World Motor Sport Council Strategy Meeting in Bahrain today.

The document, entitled, “A Strategic Response To Online Hate Speech In Sport” has been informed by industry experts, government institutions and the FIA’s academic partners. Dr David Hassan, an academic, writer, and associate dean of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences (Global Engagement) at Ulster University, a member of the FIA’s Online Abuse Working Group, is the document’s author.
The White Paper sets out the sustained and collaborative approach the FIA will adopt in confronting online toxicity.

The FIA recognises that online abuse of its participants, officials and volunteers has reached intolerable levels. The governing body of motor sport, at the instigation FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, has committed to adopting a leadership position in addressing this issue in the motor sport ecosystem, in the first instance, and the wider sporting environment thereafter.

The President first revealed details of the FIA’s pledge to address the matter in a speech at the Annual General Assembly Week in Bologna in December last year. He pointed out that a collaborative approach was needed to bring about real change.
To date the FIA Online Abuse Working Group has taken the following measures:
Forged partnerships with a number of like-minded fellow governing sports bodies including Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL)
Initiated discussions on online abuse with the European Commission
Held exploratory discussions with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and Gianni Infantino, the President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
Commissioned research via the FIA University into digital hate and toxic commentary specific to sport. This will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, education and prevention
Partnered with Artificial Intelligence experts to utilize their software to detect and reduce abusive content on FIA channels
Consulted with social media publishers to source data-driven consultative guidance into online behaviour

The White Paper reveals that across the European Union (EU) some 80% of people surveyed had encountered some form of online hate, with 40% of respondents claiming that they had been either left frightened or threatened by postings they had read online.

It also reports that the FIA will invest significant funding to support research via the FIA University and become the first governing body of sport to launch its own, dedicated research centre into online hate. It will appoint leading researchers to support its work.
In terms of addressing the issues on FIA platforms, the White Paper states that after 5 months of its collaboration with, the number of toxic comments being posted on the FIA’s social media profiles has reduced by 66.6%.

Across all social media profiles (the FIA and President Ben Sulayem) whereas 92.73% of comments were considered safe in September 2022, within five months some 97.57% fell into this category.
In the coming months the Federation will reveal further details of a concerted action plan which will leverage the power and reach of its global Member network.

The FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, said: “The release of our White Paper further underlines the FIA’s commitment to confronting online abuse. With the support of other sporting governing bodies, we are emboldened by a combined determination to bring about meaningful change through concrete action.
“Sustained online toxicity has reached deplorable levels. We will no longer tolerate FIA volunteers, officials, employees and drivers being subjected to this extreme abuse. It has no place in our sport and if it continues it could destroy it. We will take a collaborative approach in combatting this scourge on our sport and others.
“We want everyone, the teams, drivers, media and fans to play their part. Only through collaborative action, can we bring about behavioural change. We are united against abuse. This journey has only just begun.”
He added that the FIA’s aim is to ensure sport remains fully accessible and welcoming to all by promoting and safeguarding a respectful environment.

He added that the FIA’s aim is to ensure sport remains fully accessible and welcoming to all by promoting and safeguarding a respectful environment.

Jorge Viegas, President of Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), said: “The FIM is fully supportive of the FIA’s efforts in launching this campaign to drive out online abuse in sport. We will work together along with a number of other sports governing bodies to tackle abuse and harassment and create a safer environment for competitors and fans.”

Mike Riley, Managing Director, Professional Game Match Officials, said: “PGMOL is hugely supportive of the progressive steps taken by the FIA in addressing the issue of online abuse across the wider sport ecosystem – something we all feel strongly about. During recent discussions, we have together identified that common challenges are shared around the abuse of our officials, and we look forward to further collaboration with the FIA to bring about change for good.”

The FIA White Paper “A Strategic Response To Online Hate Speech In Sport” can be downloaded below.