Founded in 1904, the FIA’s initial aim was to bring coherent governance and safety to motor sport.

Through the expertise gained in that arena, the FIA has since grown into a global organisation that not only promotes motor sport, but also safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users across the world. As such, the federation works across three key interlinked areas of activity – Sport, Campaigns and Mobility.

In the realm of Mobility, the FIA aims to ensure that safe, affordable and clean systems of transport are available to all. The promotion of safe and sustainable forms of mobility has in turn led the FIA to commit to global sustainability initiatives and also to found its own major response to road safety concerns, FIA Action for Road Safety. As the governing body of motor sport, the FIA ensures that fair, capably regulated and above all safe events are conducted in all corners of the globe. Ultimately, the FIA’s goal is simple – to keep you moving, safely and dynamically.

Comprised of 244 motoring and motor sport club members in 146 countries, the FIA is in a unique position to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among its 80 million members. This comprehensive access means that the FIA and its clubs can actively educate and inform members of their responsibilities and encourage them to behave safely and make choices that are environmentally sound.