The FIAU is the corporate University of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. As an educational and research service to members and employees of the official world body of motor sport, which also promotes safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users across the world, it provides targeted learning and development activities for the Fédération’s clubs around the world.  

As the FIAU evolves and grows, it will offer bespoke programmes of study for regional and other specialist needs. However, in its initial phase, it will advance education around the key pillars of the further evolution of the FIA, namely effective governance, Club Leadership and Administration, professional advancement for officials, equality, diversity and inclusion, and, sustainability.

All these exciting developments will be relayed through the new FIA University website – – and the FIAU’s dedicated LinkedIn channel. From Spring 2023, members will be able to enrol on courses specifically designed to meet their needs whilst communities of practice, where mentorship can be offered and serve to advance the development of the FIA globally, will all be supported.

A further key tenet of the FIAU will be its cutting-edge research agenda, designed to support the plans to ensure the FIA remains a knowledge-led federation and one where the generation of empirical data and its dissemination is valued and promoted. Of course, the FIA has already published important findings from research it has commissioned and published in recent years. See Through the FIA University, the FIA will be an active leader in the generation of research to support the growth of its activities worldwide and support the needs of its global membership.

Finally, the FIA is committed to the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion and will support this work in 2023 through the FIA University by the provision of specific education programmes to foster and promote global best practice in this field. Through the advancement of a learning agenda, the FIAU will serve as a key agent in levelling the playing field for all who value the FIA’s work.